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BOOK REVIEW: “Sheep No More” by Jonathan T. Gilliam

Sheep No More-Braun Tactical

Jonathan Gilliam has a bit of a story to tell. He was an officer in the Navy, a Navy Seal, and has also been through Army Ranger School. He was the SEAL officer in charge of drug interdictions in South America. Apparently, that wasn’t exciting enough for him, so he became a Federal Air Marshall, working on transcontinental flights. Then the FBI came calling and he started working counter-terrorism in the Manhattan office. In 2017 he finally settled down to become a Security Consultant and media expert on personal and organizational security. He has been on TV more than 1,000 times and has been a fill-in host on Fox News for Sean Hannity, who wrote the forward in this book “Sheep No More.” Gilliam is now a guest on Newsmax as well.

First and foremost please allow me to suggest that you buy the book and not the audiobook. The latter was just fine but there are so many details to remember at first it may be difficult to take it all in just from one sensory option. You need to SEE what he has to SAY. I believe the over-arching premise of the book revolves around “Personal Responsibility”. You are responsible for your own security, your family’s security, and the safety and security of your co-workers or employees. No one else can do that better than YOU…unless you don’t know how.

Sheep No More lays out the basics of how to prepare for the possibility, however remote, that you may become the target of a nefarious actor (s) bent on harming you, those around you, or your property. These could be muggers, burglars, armed robbers, terrorists, pedophiles, rapists, or just plain psychopathic nutjobs. Jonathan goes right to the heart of planning, and I mean right to the nitty-gritty. To be candid, I thought it was a bit much at first, to go the lengths of planning Gilliam suggests. Even as security-minded as I am. Yet as I continued through the book it started to make more and more sense. He carefully weaves case studies along with his course, and that is exactly what it is, to show you just how easy your world can come apart in seconds and your survival depends totally on how you spend the next two or three of those seconds. The KEY is to look at the situation from the attacker’s point of view and game out EVERY possible option.

Preparation, planning, execution as if you were the villain.

Let’s say for example you drive up to an ATM in your quiet little town looking to take out fifty dollars to buy your spouse a birthday gift. You insert your card, type in your pin, and without warning, a knife is at your throat. It’s Sunday morning. The bank is closed, no one is around but you and the thief, who by the way has his head firmly inside a dark hoodie and is behind you and away from the camera. “Pull out the MAX” he says or you die. What do you do?

Well, first off Gilliam and his students wouldn’t find themselves in that position. They would have gamed it out in advance and known precisely where a thief might come from and attack. Nor would they enter a convenience store at midnight in a bad section of town with a car full of suspicious characters in the parking lot, or take their Golden Retriever Fluffy out for a walk in a major socialist city at 2 am without fully preparing for a confrontation.

Situational awareness is the key. Take a few seconds to scout out that ATM before pulling up. Drive away if it doesn’t feel right. Mentally rehearse what you would do if confronted. Be prepared for an armed assault at all times. Paranoia? Maybe, but these are dangerous times, and the police are NOT there to protect you, they can barely protect themselves. They are there to write up the report AFTER you’re dead or injured. This is not a shot at law enforcement. They cannot be all things to everyone and today simply getting through a shift and home to their families, is a huge accomplishment.

In Sheep No More, Gilliam outlines pretty much the most conceivable scenarios from muggings to terrorist attacks. The lessons are for everyone but especially those most vulnerable. We are all increasingly faced with threats against our personal safety and those of our families. Gilliam suggests you list out every facet of your living condition and provide for alternatives. How is your house laid out? Where would someone likely try to enter the home? How safe are your children’s bedrooms? Where are they? In the fenced back yard area or out facing the insecure front yard. First or second floor? etc.

Gilliam is obviously an expert in security but he is also a master of the human condition. Buy his book. Study it. Dissect your life and surroundings. The first chapters are tough. Slog it out. Learn. Once you start getting to the case studies you’ll be hooked. When you find your brain inserting you into the situation, you are halfway there.

I give Sheep No More

5 out of 5 Daggers.

Great book. Well worth your time and investment.

Carl Braun


About the reviewer.

Carl Braun is the CEO of He was a Security Policeman in the USAF serving TDY in the Armed Forces Police Detachment, San Antonio, and in the USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI) as an undercover agent at Wilford Hall Medical Center on Lackland. He spent five years in Corporate Security before shifting to a career in business after earning his Bachelors’s degree at night.  Carl was co-founder of the Minuteman Corps of California from 2005 to 2008 and Co-Founder, National Leader, of the Border Patrol Auxiliary until 2011. His team managed the security of the 160 acre Camp Vigilance, some 2 miles from the border in the high desert of California. In all, some 2,700 civilian border watchers and Auxiliary members spent over 30,000 hours patrolling the most dangerous neighborhood in America without a single injury or incident, receiving a Congressional Commendation in the process. His team was featured on the November 2010 covers of Tactical Weapons Magazine and Soldier of Fortune. He was visiting faculty at the Naval Post Graduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security in Monterey, California from 2008-2010 and a Director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group. Carl has written eleven books (7 novels as C. Frederick Braun) and hundreds of articles on immigration and Border Security. He and his wife live in Liberty Hill, Texas.

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The 7 Best Personal Defense Tools

mugger holds knife ready to attack

I was told once by a Tactical Gear and Personal Defense products expert that there are two types of people in this world when it comes to personal safety. First, there are the Sheep, those that think nothing bad will ever happen to them therefore, they never prepare for worst-case scenarios. Second, there are the Sheepdogs who coincidentally accept responsibility for watching over the sheep—even if they don’t know them.  Which one are you? A future potential victim or the dispenser of retribution?

If you are a clueless potential victim, good luck. We read about you all the time online, and watch your timid response to violence every night on TV. If, however, you are a situationally aware Sheepdog, there are 5 personal defense tools you should never be without.

  1. A Firearm. It goes without saying right? A skilled and practiced expert with a firearm will win most violent encounters efficiently, and with minimal harm to themselves and non-combatants. But despite the Second Amendment, a number of states severely limit a citizen’s right to protect themselves. Just pick your not-so- favorite-socialist-run City, State or District, and you will see strict handgun laws for the law-abiding, and limitless access to firearms for the criminals. If you live in Texas as I do, every conceivable personal defense or tactical product is legal including silencers and stun guns. Your firearm should be easy to carry, pack a good wallop, and be reliable. I carry a Kahr 9MM or any one of several Ruger or Keltec pocket rockets. Many defense products experts suggest that nothing but something that begins with .4 is acceptable ie: .40 caliber or .45 caliber. But I disagree. A lighter firearm with the right ammo works just as well. For example, a 9MM with Gold Dot LE ammo is a great alternative and doesn’t break the bank or the back. The trouble with .40 caliber and .45 is that the rounds themselves are very heavy making the complete carry difficult to conceal when you add a 1911 frame to the package. Speaking of concealing, a bit of advice.  If you live in an open-carry state, do not open carry. A criminal will take you out before you even know what hit you. The key element of surprise will rule the day.   If you don’t live in a 2A sanctuary state, let’s explore option B.


  1. A knife. At Braun Tactical we make custom knives and also sell commercially available knives at great prices. I am rarely without a knife…or two…or three on my person. The first rule of knife fighting is- EVERYONE GETS CUT. The trick is to get cut less than your opponent. A knife should be held in your non-shooting hand with the blade down and sharp edge out. This way you can punch and slice at the same time. My favorite is a dagger (two edges). Of course, your state laws may prohibit you from possessing the fun stuff, so be sure to check out the knife laws in your State.


  1. Mace or Bear Spray. MACE, commonly referred to as pepper spray, can be found in all shapes and sizes from lipstick to large canisters. The trouble with pepper spray is that you are as likely to get sprayed as your attacker and the capsaicin oils from the peppers do not always drop the bad guy. In fact, a mugger on drugs or alcohol may laugh it off and clean your clock while you keep spraying yourself. But, it’s better than nothing and may give you a few seconds to depart the scene of the attack before the rough stuff begins. Now, Bear Spray is a lot cooler. It is pepper spray on steroids and designed to stop a thousand-pound Grizzly in its tracks. This is typically not for one-on-one encounters, but a group of attackers. There are multiple types of bear spray and the cost of the item depends on how long and how far it will shoot. Does it shoot a stream (some shoot 40 feet), or does it come out like a fogger? Either is fine. Generally speaking, you have 5-8 seconds of spray. Point downwind, pull the trigger, and move the device back and forth at your target(s) until it’s empty. Then, exit stage left and call the Police to come to pick up the garbage. They aren’t going anywhere. Bear spray is great for your car. Leave it in the door well, driver’s side. If you are ever blocked in traffic by angry anarchists or Marxist Antifa or BLM thugs, your first weapon is your vehicle. Put It in gear and start playing bumper cars until you can push your way out. Another option is to crack your window and spray away. You can learn all the ins and outs of pepper sprays here. Purchase a practice canister (no pepper) spray and get used to it.


  1. Stun Guns. We’re talking. Stun guns are two-pronged devices that emit a jolt of electricity when placed on your attacker and the trigger is activated. The jolt, so to speak, is 18,000,000 to 60,000,000 volts and continues for as long as you keep the trigger pulled. This is usually a couple of seconds as your attacker is now out of immediate reach, and on the ground moaning. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors including pink and cammo. A Taser actually shoots two electrified probes into your attacker but can be defeated by heavy clothing or a bad aim. If you have to shoot something, see section 1.


  1. Stun Batons. Not recommended for the ladies. They are made of light, aircraft aluminum, that is strong as hell. They can double as a flashlight with disorienting strobe and have a stun capability of 60,000,000 to 100,000,000 volts. They come extendable so you can carry them in your purse or at your side and often have rough edges for extra special damage. You do not want to be hit by one. It will ruin your day. If it has a lanyard and you can put it around your wrist, so much the better. This way it is difficult for an attacker to disarm you and turn the beast back the other way.


  1. Alarms/Strobes . The siren alarm is a great way to thwart an attack before it happens. Many are small, fit in your purse or pocket and emit an ear-blasting 110-decibel siren, when activated. Some can be used to put on your hotel or house door to scare away intruders. Others come built into padlocks so that anyone attempting to steal your bicycle, motorcycle, toolbox, lawn furniture, will get a real surprise when they jiggle the lock. Paralyzing strobes are built into most stun batons and are part of the flashlight function. Usually, the flashlight has five settings with one of them being the strobe. Assuming 250 lumens (average) of light and a disorienting strobe shown right into the face of an attacker, it does just what it is intended to do. Stop them in their tracks while you exit expediently down the road.


  1. You are your finest personal defense machine. Your hands and your feet are weapons. Keep situationally aware. Look around when you go into a coffee shop or convenience store and see who the patrons are. If things don’t feel right, leave. Keep at least one personal defense product on you at all times. I never go into a supermarket, shopping mall, movie theater, or even church without a concealed firearm. Before 2020, I thought my town was safe. Now I’m sure it is not (and I live in one of the safest towns in Texas.) Bad things do happen to good people. Don’t be a victim. Be a sheepdog.


First things first, check out the gun, knife, and stun gun laws in your State. You don’t want to defend yourself from a mugger only to see them get off scot-free and you bake in jail. This happens all too often in this crazy socialist world.


Knife laws By State

Gun Laws By State


Personal Defense is serious business and having the right tactical products could be the difference between life and death. offers nearly 10,000 products from cleaning kits to high end optics to personal protection devices at the webs’ lowest prices.  Remember, Homeland Security Begins @BraunTactical

The Biden Administration: A Quixotic Dumpster Fire

The Biden Administration: A Quixotic Dumpster Fire

What does their ineptitude mean to your Second Amendment rights and the Safety and Security of Your Family?

Joe Biden and his band of merry socialists are on another Obama-Like World Apology Tour. As he prepares for a one-on-one pinky finger battle with Vladimir Putin ( which he lost pinkies down), the Chinese are overflying Taiwan with malicious intent, and the Russians themselves are putting on a display of Russian Military might a mere 500-miles off the coast of Hawaii. The biggest display of aggression since the cold war. What is our beloved leader doing? Apologizing for being born white and begging the world’s first-class socialists to let him back on the team, albeit stumbling at the back of the pack trying to remember why he is there in the first place.

At home, his cadre of feckless imbeciles, including our very own Vice-President Kamala Guatemala, are doing everything they can to take away YOUR rights and transform a nation before they get pummeled in the mid-term elections.

States across America like Texas, Florida, Montana, Utah and many more are battening down the hatches for a storm of Federal overreach and legislation designed to make you paradoxically impotent and unable to defend yourselves.

The Injustice Department is setting maniacal criminals free while the Department of Homeland Insecurity is importing cartels and gang leaders, along with their lethal cargo to consume an already beleaguered American populace.

What can you do to hang in this precipice of confusion and desperation until we can regain our country and send these senile old farts and wannabe socialist dictators out to pasture?


I just purchased three months of emergency food in case of another global disaster or domestic terrorism event. We don’t currently sell these products but is a good choice.

Consider purchasing your own power source. The next time the morons in Washington send you another installment of your children’s debt— invest it in a generator.

Make sure you have both lethal and non-lethal personal protection for you and your family at home and in your car.

Trust only your family and close friends. Keep your powder dry and work together to create a long-term survival plan.

Be sure to have enough ammo for the firearms you own. Do not be afraid to use them to protect yourself. Better to be “Judged by twelve than carried by six.”

Teach your children that this is not America they should remember but the America we should all protect. Like all third-world dictators, the Biden clan will come and go. This is our chance to REALLY appreciate what we once had and be ready to fight to get it back.

I saw a T-Shirt the other day. It read: “Be careful about pissing off old people. Life in prison doesn’t mean much to us anymore.”


5 Steps to Take if You Are Caught in a “Peaceful Protest”

driver driven from car in peaceful protest


Some of us grew up in the late sixties and seventies. The whole peace, free love, burn your bra-thing turned into race riots and massive protests. It always happens. The LEFT ALWAYS EAT THEIR OWN. They’re doing it now. But while they’re deciding who to serve up for the next course, YOU may find yourself in the middle of “Peaceful Protest” and find the safety of your family and yourself at grave risk. Even a sitting Senator and his family can, without warning, become part of a major event (Rand Paul, and HE

has Personal Security). These people are animals. They’ll threaten your wife and children with rape and murder, all the while not-so-peacefully stalking you into a corner.

How do you survive this? Well first off, don’t put yourself in the position in the first place. It is simply not safe for anyone to go out at night in a major left-leaning city and expect it will be just like the old days. There are no police to protect you, the activist judges and prosecutors can’t wait to set your attackers free, so why would you go into New York City, Chicago or out to an Austin TX bar at 1 AM unless you’re looking for trouble. Snake Plissken may not be there to save you.

Fourteen people were shot by two armed black men (one a juvenile) in Austin early Saturday morning, while they stood outside a bar. AT 1 AM. 1 DEAD. 1 CRITICAL. Well, young people are going to do this no matter what, they’re invincible, but you’re not. They’re not either, but they don’t have experience and you do. So don’t be stupid. DON”T GO INTO AN AREA at a time or place that could be dangerous. Plain and simple. Stay home. Lock and load. Go out early and come home early. If however, you inadvertently find yourself in the middle of a riot or public disturbance, this is what you should do.

  1. Stay small. Crouch, avoid drawing attention to yourself and exit the area as quickly as possible. NO eye contact.
  2. Do not be a victim. Be prepared. Personally arm yourself at all times. Do NOT go to a mall, a theater, church, or public event without arming yourself lethal and non-lethal as prescribed by law.  I always carry a firearm and I have bear spray in the door well of my car and a few knives here and there. I mean, I make knives. So, you know.  Just in case.
  3. When stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. If you are surrounded by protestors that will not let you pass, hit the horn full blast (this is important) don’t just honk, HONK non-stop, rev the engine, and move forward slowly then fast. Many states are now enacting laws that protect you. Your car is a lethal weapon. Use it appropriately to defend yourself and your family.
  4. If you are caught between the vehicle in front and behind you and you feel your life is in danger, rock your vehicle back and forth between the two vehicles until you have room and get out of there. Your car is precious to you but it can be replaced. You can’t! I drive a vintage Mercedes convertible. Her name is JANIS. She is important to me but I’ll wreck her into a ball of sheet metal if it means saving my or my family’s life. You can explain to the police later.
  5.   Always keep in mind that these protestors are cowards and generally not-quite-right if you know what I mean. DO NOT TRUST them. Do not let them talk you out of your vehicle or into a dark corner for your safety. They are using you as bait much as a coyote traps an unsuspecting dog for dinner. Rehearse in your mind what you would do if this or that happens. Do not try and reason with crazies. That’s for the movies. Protect yourself and get out of there. The man attacked in Portland had a licensed firearm BUT he got out of the vehicle and did not protect his flank. He was quickly overwhelmed by the crazies behind him. If you pull your gun it better be that your life is in danger and you intend to use it. Practice your shooting skills regularly. Get some bear spray and buy practice canisters (inert). Know what you may have to do to protect your family. I keep a loaded 12 gauge shotgun within easy reach. I have a sidearm in every room. If you have children around do what is necessary to keep them safe from loaded firearms. I live in an affluent community just outside crazy-town. It’s just a matter of time before crazy bangs on my door. DON’T BE A VICTIM and for God’s sake and all that is holy, TEACH YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

What if Covid 19 is Really a Trojan Horse?

The covid 19 trojan horse
The covid 19 trojan horse
Is Covid 19 really a Trojan Horse?

Ask the Greek’s. The best diversion is always a Trojan Horse, and the clever lovers of all things Greek have history to prove it. In modern computing, a Trojan Horse is malware that pretends to be something else, creating a diversion as to its true intent.

Covid-19 could be a modern-day Trojan Horse. The million-pound Equine in the room.

In fact, in this case, it might not be a giant horse at all…but a bat, if you believe the Chinese.

I believe the Covid-19 virus was weaponized at The Wuhan Institute of Virology Chinese Academy of Sciences, and evidence is coming out of a firehose right now to try and prove it. We’ll see.  I believe certain Americans were culpable in the funding of that venture for a higher purpose, whether for personal gain or something more nefarious. They of course knew at least two years in advance that it was going to be deployed. See below.

I believe that China, with malice aforethought, unleashed that terrible virus on the world to see what would happen. Just like it allegedly did in 2002. Essentially, it was, and is, a military RECON mission. If we do this or that, how will they respond? Think about it. They do it all the time. Prancing around in their big new Navy ships made by slave labor, while flying sortie after sortie over the sovereign nation of Taiwan, just to scare the rice cakes off of them, and lull them into a sense of fear and submission. In my humble opinion, their leadership are pure evil and will stop at nothing to rule the world.

But here is the kicker, what if it’s not their Trojan Bat but our Trojan Horse? Think about it. Who has gained more from the shutdown of the west, the shutdown of America, the greatest nation on earth, than the Chinese?

The Russians? Oh jeez, they can’t successfully collude their way out of a paper bag. They are much too greedy, blunt-edged, Neanderthals. Scary for sure but, perhaps not as devious as another powerful entity. One built-in America and bent on the total destruction of it.

Let’s go back to the fear and submission part. A virus is released into the world. A really bad one that somehow went from a bat in a wet market in China to millions of humans around the planet. A wet market that is some 400 yards from the Chinese Institute of Virology.

In an overabundance of caution, because their experts told them to do so, the nations of the world shut nearly everything down. I mean almost everything…for a year. States across America, many that still have not let kids go back to school, or permit adults to sing or dance at a wedding, shut an entire economy down over a virus that was not nearly as potent as the SARS COV virus or Ebola.

According to It’s estimated that 20% of people with COVID-19 will need to be hospitalized for treatment. A smaller percentage of this group will need mechanical ventilation.

SARS cases were more severe, in general. It’s estimated that 20-30% of people with SARS required mechanical ventilation.

Estimates of the mortality rate of COVID-19 vary greatly depending on factors like location and the characteristics of a population. Generally speaking, mortality rates for COVID-19 have been estimated to range between 0.25 and 3 percent.

SARS COV is much more deadly than COVID-19. The estimated mortality rate is about 10%

So, a virus was released in 2002 by a Chinese bat (you can’t make this up) and it was 3 to 8 times more deadly than Covid-19 (Source Yet little to nothing was done and the end result was thousands of people were infected and thousands died. No masks, no shutdowns, no livelihoods destroyed to say nothing of the psyche of at least five generations.

The common flu kills an estimated 500,000 people worldwide every year. HIV has killed 32 million since the 1980s yet the economy, the world, keeps on moving. (Source:

So why this virus? Why is Covid 19 the big one? Ask Dr Fauci. In 2017, at Georgetown University, he predicted a surprise major viral outbreak, a pandemic, during the Trump Administrations’ first term, and look what shows up in the middle of a Presidential Election.

Fauci, the highest-paid public official in America has worked for five Presidential Administrations including Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush 43, and Clinton. He knew about the pandemic more than 2 years before it broke. I don’t know about you, but I’m no longer interested in what he knows or doesn’t know about Covid -19. I want his stock market picks.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in January 2019 toured San Francisco’s Chinatown, hugging supporters and telling one and all not to believe this virus disinformation. This video from NBC News says it in her words.

Then she reportedly quickly disinfected herself and headed for her basement, only to come out for an occasional illegal haircut and some expensive ice cream while running her scorched earth, Bad Russians- Impeach Trump campaign. All this, while allegedly millions of unknowing and infected Chinese citizens were spun around the world to hug and kill.

So, gut-check. Are you still giving the Chinese a break? I see some hands still going up. Ok, it gets better. I mean the bat thing is kinda compelling. Who likes bats besides the Chinese? I find this kind of interesting. Perhaps they messed up by releasing the virus early and some dimwit in China missed it by a day. It would have been Covid 20, Year of the bat…I mean rat. But what is a bat anyway, but a rat with wings?  But I digress.

Our nation, caught in an unprecedented pandemic, plays the only cards it can. Keep it shut down, listen to the experts. We will all get through this together while thousands of seniors in New York and Michigan, who are more prone to die from the virus, were stuffed into nursing homes to waste away without family. Then stacked into pickup trucks to be incinerated like logs on a fire. Awful, horrible images. And all of this in the United States of America. Democrat Mayors and Governors refused to budge. Their plan was working. What’s next? Ahh, Set the cities on aflame! THAT SOUNDS LIKE A BLAST!

Meanwhile, what are the Chinese doing? Nothing but watching and deflecting. Sorry, it was the bat. Not our fault. Find bat.

Turns out the Government experts like Dr. Fauci that lovable leprechaun-like character, was really an evil Garden Gnome some say. Like the “clap on-clap off” commercial of the ’70s, Fauci became the “mask off-mask on” clown of the 2020s. He will do time and pay for his transgressions says the right-wing media. I’m inclined to believe them. Still, according to the Dem’s and the mainstream media, the Chinese and Fauci are the good guys? Ha!

As we stand back and look at the devastation of 2020 and now 2021, the cynical among us are asking- What’s left? What more can happen? The answer: Space Aliens and Asteroids! That and a good old-fashioned plague of locusts are all that is left. Wait a second. Scratch Space Aliens. According to the Pentagon, they are already here. Based on hundreds of media reports and sightings, it seems the little green devils are even today, stalking our military bases and buzzing our ships. And we thought they were Russians. The mainstream media still does. More on that later.

Still with me? This will all come together like some bad “Crash” movie in just a second.

So, they always say that you have to follow the money, and most assuredly don’t mess up a good crisis.

Who among us has gained by all of this real and imagined chaos. China? the Russians? The Arabs? Nah! It is much more villainous than that.

As America went up in flames over a Marxist-created racial crisis, who actually poured on the gasoline and watched it burn to the ground?

As Americans went to the polls hopeful that our President Donald J Trump could get us out of this, we found out that while he, and we, were doing our civic duty, the radical left was stealing an American Presidential Election. Once in office, they nullified our God-given rights in the name of racial justice and climate change. They opened our borders to hundreds of thousands of immigrants, criminals, rapists, and child molesters (read: Future Democrats) to secure their power forever. They threaten to take away our only protection from the mobs they created by crushing the Second Amendment. They threaten to stack the Supreme Court and end the filibuster, all while the Supremes and the Republicans I might add, stand limp and afraid. And let’s throw in DC and Puerto Rico Statehood for good measure. Four more Democratic Senators, go figure. Both areas combined are smaller than Delaware by some 1,679 sq miles and don’t nearly qualify as “States”. That would be logic and reason. The socialists don’t have those. They want to burn this whole thing down and give us no choice but to step in line for our daily bread and do what they tell us to do. Not me.

Anyone who has been in the military learns about the illusion of basic training. It’s not about teaching you how to fire a gun. That comes later. It’s about breaking you down, to that of a child, and rebuilding you, so you will do anything to please them. Like, walk into a hail of bullets for example. It’s about taking away every right and privilege you enjoy, then slowly giving them back to you when you do what they say. I served, I saw it first-hand, and I don’t argue that if you want to pacify a group of people, a nation even, you have to break them down, take away their privileges, then make them feel real, honest to goodness, pain, and loss.

Our country is being very purposefully dissected by a group of senile and demented politicians that couldn’t get themselves elected to the White House legally, so they did the unthinkable in what we used to call America. In fact, both parties are culpable in this, one just supplied the nails. Together, with their Chinese business partners, they built a Trojan Horse, named it Covid-19, and set it free. Both sides wanted to get rid of Trump. One side wants to get rid of America. So far, their evil plan is working. Can we stop it? If it is to be …it is up to me.

Steps you can take:

  1. Get active in local politics and don’t let the Socialists get away with anything.
  2. Use every available resource at your disposal to expose their demonic plan of destruction.
  3. Protect your family. The chaos will eventually get to your town if it hasn’t already.
  4. Be prepared for attacks outside the home. Be situationally aware and have lethal and non-lethal weapons at your disposal no matter where you are, especially in your car. Be trained in the use of them.
  5. Have at least a three-month supply of survival food and water in your home. If Covid showed us anything, the store shelves go empty in hours not days, and stay empty for a while.
  6. If you live in a city, have a “go bag” ready with medications, essentials, and cash. Find a “bug out” location in a rural area that you can retreat to with family and friends. One that can be protected.
  7. Be cynical of all Government. We could never really trust them, but now the bat has come out of the closet
  8. Pray for our country. Help our police. Honor our Military. When the CACA hits the oscillating device, they and you will be our last hope.


About the Author

Carl Braun (C.Frederick Braun on Amazon) is the author of eleven thriller novels and non-fiction books. He was formally visiting faculty at the Naval Post Graduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security, and an advisor to the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group. He served in the USAF Security Forces. Today Carl is the CEO of, providing Americans access to personal and home defense products. He lives in Georgetown, Texas.




Blue Synthetic Damascus Hunter

Sometimes it takes quite a bit of imagination and faith to see the raw handle material on the right, and know how cool it will look when finished. This is an Inlace Acrylester handle that is similar to the same material used to make some bowling balls. It is highly durable and looks incredible when finished. The blade is a USA-made Damascus hunter forged from 6 different types of steel and folded onto itself while hot to make the designs. It is not painted on but it is Cerakoted to help protect the blade from rust. All of our knives are sharpened to shave. This sheath is handmade and designed to look western rustic. Congrats to the lucky Dad whose daughter had this customer knife made for him. You can have one too with your own handle design. Just visit our build-a-knife section.

Blue Synthetic Damascus Hunter

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